Vision & Mission


Bishop Scott Senior Secondary Girls’ School with its motto ‘Sarva Gunn Sampann’ is guided by the vision to be an institution for nurturing girl students in India as global citizens nourished with fidelity to moral values, self-esteem, and love for a living and the environment. The international dimension of the school curriculum emphasises and instills in its students a spirit of freedom, truth, courage, and justice-making them creative, compassionate, and confident flag bearers of tomorrow. Imparting holistic quality education with the best blend of traditional and contemporaneous

methods of teaching and learning along with hands-on exploration of knowledge, we are committed to facilitating learning that is relevant to the challenges of the present and future. ‘Sarva Gunn Sampann Girl Power’ endeavors to change, empowering girls as life-long learners, innovative thinkers, readers, and leaders. The ability to choose good over bad in thought and in action is the hallmark of Bishop Scottian achievers.


Bishop Scott Senior Secondary Girls’ School is guided by the vision to be a learning community that encourages children:

  • to unfold their potential in a safe, creative, and inspiring environment;
  • to get going love for learning and continuous development, by making the learning process an enjoyable experience;
  • to facilitate learning that is relevant to the challenges of the present and future;
  • to indoctrinate the traditional Indian ideals and values while inculcating a universal outlook;
  • to learn to put into operation a scientific approach to basic principles of life;
  • to integrate the development of skill and personality with brilliance in academics at a young age for employability in the future and thus excel and emerge successful in real-life situations of work in their chosen field; and
  • to foster social and community awareness so that they grow up to be compassionate, responsible, and patriotic citizens.