General School Rules


The school lays great emphasis on discipline. The school reserves the right to expel students whose diligence or progress in studies is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to the other students. Immorality, insubordination or contempt of authority and causing damage to school property are always sufficient reasons for punitive action to be taken immediately by the school authority. The following are regarded as a breach of school discipline, hence, punishable offenses:

  • Slackness, disobedience, and disregard of the rules
  • Disrespect and disobedience to teachers
  • Irregular attendance or habitual late-coming to school
  • Negligence in doing homework
  • Lack of good manners, words or actions likely to defile the image of the school
  • Bullying and use of foul language
  • Wilful damage of school property

Bringing valuable articles like cameras, cell phones, internet-enabled devices, expensive watches, fountain pens, transistors, electronic gadgets, calculators, jewelry, colours or crackers to school is strictly forbidden even during festival times. Non-compliance of these instructions can result in strict disciplinary action and/or expulsion from the school. In case of loss of valuables or other articles, the authorities will try their best to trace out the items but shall not undertake any responsibility for the loss or replacement.

A student may be expelled from the School on the following grounds:

  • Misconduct and moral turpitude
  • Non-adherence to School rules and regulations
  • Failing twice in the same class

If a student is expelled no fees will be refundable. Also, in such cases the decision of the Principal shall be final. Students are expected to take care of all school property and in case of any damage; it will be made good by the concerned student together with a fine imposed for the offence. No one should scratch or spoil the desks/chairs or damage school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the Class Teacher, subject teacher, Vice Principal or the Principal. Anyone who notices something damaged should report even if she does not know who has done it. All the students should be keen in keeping their classrooms and the school premises clean and tidy.

No student is allowed to bring gifts, presents or return gifts etc to school to mark her/other’s birthday or for any other occasion. At the most, a student will be allowed to distribute 2 toffees per student in her section. Gifts for the teaching and non-teaching and any other staff are not allowed. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments to school.

Students coming to school on bicycles must ensure that the same be locked. Students must not ride around in the school premises on bicycles. Students who come to school under the care of guardians/attendants/ rickshaw-pullers should never leave before they arrive to take them back. In case of delay, they should report to the school office. Students are required to go straight back home after school. No child will be handed over to a person not known to the teacher / security. Students are warned not to buy anything from the street vendors. Students are expected to bring home made vegetarian food in their tiffins and are only allowed to make use of canteen facility when required. Non vegetarian food is strictly not allowed in the school premises.

Discipline in school life is very important for students. We can’t be well educated without discipline. Talking loudly in corridors, class rooms, assembly area or other places in the school is not permitted. Silence must be maintained when the assembly is in progress. Occupy your mind in reading, solving puzzles, completing assignments, when you are free. Please queue up while moving from one class to another or when waiting for your turn for anything. Children should assemble in their respective classrooms as soon as they reach school. No pupil is exempted from Games and Physical Training without a Medical Certificate. The period of exemption should be specified. Change of classrooms between

periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner. School appointees should wear their respective badges daily. On their birthdays, students (till Class V) are free to wear clothes of their choice that conform to norms of modesty. Photography and videography of the celebration are strictly not allowed. Spoken English is encouraged in the school and within the school premises. All students are expected to speak strictly in English once they wear the school uniform and should follow the same at home too.

Students are neither allowed to use the school telephone without permission nor can they be called to answer phone calls during class hours. Every student must cover her notebooks/text books properly and label them positively. Extra books, newspapers or periodicals must not be brought to the School without prior permission of the school authorities. No collection for any purpose, whatsoever, shall be made in the School without the prior permission of the Principal. Money should not be lent or borrowed, nor articles be exchanged by the students among themselves. Any photograph to be attested by the Head of the School must be snapped in school uniform only. Unauthorised

photography is not allowed in the school.

Grey Cards are given to students for any act of indiscipline. Grey Card is intended as a warning to the students. Three Grey Cards will result in the suspension of the student from 7 to 14 days depending upon the gravity of the indiscipline. Suspension from the School is also a warning that the student is in immediate danger of being dismissed from the School. The Principal/Vice Principal and the Discipline Committee reserve the right to suspend a student attending school and in determining the period of suspension.

“School uniform is a part of our school identity…uniting our students as they take pride in it.”

The School Uniform is a discipline in itself and should be adhered to by all the students. The school uniform is obligatory on all school days, for school tours and excursions and at official functions as long as a student is on the school roll. No student is allowed to attend any Parent Teacher Meeting, school function (in or outside the school) in any dress other than the school uniform. All uniforms have to be according to design approved by school. No deviation shall be allowed.

The School Uniform items must bear the Bishop Scott Senior Secondary Girls’ School logo.


White shirt (half-sleeves), Red checkered pinafore, White socks with two red bands, Black shoes, Black bloomer, White hairband/rubber band(s), Apron, and White handkerchief


White shirt (full-sleeves), Red checkered pinafore, Red jacket with hoodie, White stockings with two red bands, Black shoes, White cap with red band, White hairband/rubber band(s), Apron, and White handkerchief

Important: Please send an extra pair of undergarments and a set of clothes in the child’s bag regularly.


White shirt (half-sleeves with pocket), Red checkered and pleated skirt (not above or below knee level), Smoke grey house jersey (to be worn only on Fridays), White socks with two red bands, Black shoes, Black tights, Red School Belt, White hairband/rubber band(s) and White Handkerchief


White shirt (full-sleeves with pocket), Red checkered and pleated skirt (not above or below knee level), Red blazer, Red half sweater, Red tie, Smoke grey house jersey and smoke grey jacket with hoodie (to be worn only on Fridays), White stockings with two red bands, Black shoes, Red School Belt, White hairband/rubber band(s) and White Handkerchief

Students of Classes VI to XI who wish to be attired in a Salwar (white) kameez (red checkered) and dupatta (white/cotton) are allowed to do so in place of skirt/shirt. Other aspects of uniform (shoes/socks/hairband/rubber band(s)/handkerchief) remain unaltered. Students of Montessori and Classes I to V can wear colour dresses on their birthdays.

School has four houses. The smoke grey jerseys are characterised for different houses by different colours as given below:

  1. Knowledge House – Red
  2. Intelligence House – Blue
  3. Wisdom House – Yellow
  4. Confidence House – Green

Hairstyle shall be treated as part of school uniform. Girls have to braid their hair in one or two plaits. They may tie their hair in a ponytail (for short shoulder length hair). Flicks, puffs, perming, dyeing, colouring of hair are not allowed. Hair bangs should be properly pinned away from the forehead & eyes. Tic-tac pins, if being used, should be black.

Minimal jewellery (just a pair of small studs to be worn in the ear lobes) is permissible on working days. No gold or silver chains are to be worn by the students. No finger rings or bangles are permitted. A single thin kada is allowed for Sikh girls only. School shall not take the responsibility of loss of any precious metal worn by students.

Clipping of nails on a timely basis is important for good health and hygiene. Also, long nails, colouring of nails and applying of henna are not allowed.

All students should carry a clean table napkin and a table mat to school daily. These are also an integral part of school uniform and must be used by students while having food in school. Wearing the school I-card is compulsory.

Parents are expected to ensure that their wards are in neat, properly ironed uniform with clean shoes before leaving their homes. Dress defaulters are noted and may lose grades in co-scholastic assessment. If a student makes any alteration in the pattern or the stitching of the uniforms as is prescribed by the school, disciplinary action may be initiated by the school authorities, after making a record of a warning in the Student’s Almanac. Students who are slovenly dressed or are not in proper uniform will not be allowed to enter their classrooms and parents may be requested to take their wards home.


The school timing is from 08:30 a.m. to 02:30 p.m. for all classes. As per weather conditions, the timing may be tweaked and the same shall be intimated in advance through school messaging system.

The school functions from Monday to Friday for students of Montessori section. School is functional for students of Classes I to XI on all Saturdays except third Saturdays and holidays.

Students must be present in the school by 08:25 a.m. Students will not be permitted to enter school premises after commencement of classes. Students who come to school on their own should arrive at school before the bell rings. Students arriving late will not be allowed to enter the school premises without a reasonable explanation. Students found to have come late for more than two days in a term will not be allowed to attend classes and parents will be contacted to take them home. On each occurrence of reporting late to school, the ‘Record of Late Coming’ section will be stamped and initialled by the authorised person/gatekeeper, specifying the date and time of late arrival.

No student is allowed to enter school in a self-driven scooter, motorcycle or car. Parents, under no circumstances, are allowed to directly enter the classroom during school hours.

The school would like the parents to maintain a good rapport with the teachers. Parents are advised to meet the Principal/Vice Principal or the teachers according to the schedule given below by prior appointment. All appointments should be routed preferably through the School Almanac.


FOR PAYMENT OF FEES/DUES 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (on all working days)
TO MEET THE PRINCIPAL/VICE PRINCIPAL 11.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon (with prior appointment on all working days)
TO MEET TEACHERS On the days assigned for Parent Teacher Meeting/or by priorappointment as per the timing shared by the teacher(s)

Please ensure that official communication with the Principal/Vice Principal, Class Teacher and all other teachers should be on A4 sheet only.


Attending and taking part in learning – wherever learning takes place – is fundamental to making sure that our young people become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

The attendance policy for students strictly adheres to the prescribed CBSE norms. Nevertheless, all children are expected to attend school regularly with a minimum of 90% of the total number of working days. The proper place for children to be on a school day is at school. If you are not in school then you must have a justifiable reason and your parents should telephone the school office on the first day of absence. Regular attendance at school is vital to help children achieve and get the best possible start in life.

No student who has been absent on the previous day will be allowed to attend class until the parents fill in the ‘Record for Non-attendance’ for each day the student is absent from school stating the reasons for absence along with relevant supporting documents.

Leave for going out of station should be approved of prior to proceeding on leave. In case the leave is taken on medical grounds, an authentic medical certificate has to be produced.

Students suffering from infectious diseases such as conjunctivitis, dermatitis, scabies etc should not be sent to school by parents. Students suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma, epilepsy, rheumatic heart disease etc are advised to be under the continuous medical supervision of a specialist doctor. The history of their illness must be filled up in the School Almanac.

A student returning to school after recovering from an infectious or contagious disease, should produce a doctor’s Medical Fitness Certificate permitting her to attend School. Students suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to school:

  • Chicken Pox : Till the scabs fall off completely
  • Cholera: Till the child has completely recovered
  • Measles: Two weeks (after the rashes disappear)
  • Mumps: Until the swelling has gone (about one month)
  • Jaundice: Six weeks
  • Whooping Cough: Six weeks

A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should make up all the work missed by her with the help of teachers.

Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days renders the student liable to have her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only against availability of seats and on payment of re-admission fee.

We do not encourage leave for half day, for security reasons. In emergency however, written permission for leave must be taken from the Principal/Vice Principal. A student must not leave the school during the working hours without a Gate Pass.

All students are expected to attend school on the first day following the vacations. Absence on the day of closing/reopening of the school before/after vacations will attract strict disciplinary action & a fine of Rs. 500/-

A Certificate of Merit will be given to students with 100% attendance.