Welcome to Bishop Scott Senior Secondary Girls

Oscar Wilde, the legendary Irish playwright, poet and author quoted, “Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.” And the musing of Albert Einstein, the science titan recapitulates it for humanity to strive not to be a success but rather to be of value. Accepting as true, practicing and evolving with every word of the legends both cited above and numerous others who have been followed, the Bishop Scott philosophy of edupreneurship is well cottoned to in the state to add a postscript to the meaning of achievements as value based successes. Striding the trajectory of continual improvement for empowering the children of the land, the Bishop Scott group of institutions has grown rich in terms of accomplishments by enriching the progeny. The last eight years have been a journey where perseverance and progress have been the cornerstones. Today it can proudly claim to be one of the most sought after chain of schools in Bihar.

Shri Jagannath Sita Educational and Social Development Sansthan laid the foundation of veritable learning in 2012 in Patna by establishing Bishop Scott group of institutions with four peerless abodes of learning in a row under its umbrella- Bishop Scott Senior Secondary Girls’ School, Bishop Scott Girls’ School, Bishop Scott Boys’ School and Bishop Scott High School. The group is an entity unswervingly committed to serve the society selflessly with the nurturing of our children as creative, compassionate and holistically enriched individuals.

Bishop Scott Senior Secondary Girls’ School (BSSSGS), indeed an important milestone in the group’s progress; is affiliated to CBSE, that is one of the most preferred boards in India following national cocentric curriculum. This concentricity is substantiated with the CBSE schools in operation in Singapore, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Actually, it is an association with an internationally recognized board. The school is not just affiliated to a board; it is actually affiliated to a learning environment that inspires intellect and kindles the glorious human spirit, and in all humility, we dedicate the entire success to the team. Quality schools have teamwork at their core. Teamwork permeates the whole ̶ school learners, parents and staff. Like any organic system, an organization is only as strong as its combined parts.

The institution serves with the belief that a school should be the experience of a lifetime as it sets the stage for success later in life and provides a lifetime of positive memories for students. The school houses within its premises the best minds with its sprawling campus, well-lit and well-ventilated digitally supported classrooms, spacious courtyards for indoor games, beautifully landscaped playgrounds, audio-visual resource rooms, music and dance rooms, yoga studio, and a rich library. The school is equipped with the best of amenities, giving the students ample opportunities to manifest their talents. Teachers play a vital role in not only imparting knowledge related to the curriculum but even vital lessons of life, which is why, we make sure that only the best and the experienced minds make it through to the classrooms of BSSSGS. The faculty here is well-read. Thorough academicians recognize the true potential of children and nurture them to their ultimate fruition in sync with our motto SARVA GUNN SAMPANN.

Brilliant scholastic and co-scholastic achievements year after year have made these schools create their own niche. To enable students learn in multi-dimensional ways, the various curricular and co-curricular activities are designed to focus on academic excellence, ethical and spiritual development and personality growth – the need of the hour. Hands-on learning experiences and excursions are promoted as effective educational activities for students. The educational programmes are harmonised by coetaneous as well as traditional amenities and resources, and focus on sports and creative learning facilitate children’s comprehensive education.

The continuous profile of progress of students of Bishop Scott Senior Secondary Girls’ School is a summary of the efforts of the students, the dedication of the parent community and the contribution of the teachers. This imparts the mission to empower the children of the city, the state and the nation with quality education along with exposure to world class facilities, for an overall development is for all times. Shaping of young minds is certainly the most challenging and engaging responsibility in present times.

Indubitably, the group basks in God’s heart of love with its commitment to enrich the ambiance of Bishop Scott group of institutions as happy schools where teaching is a pleasure and learning is a joy.