Student Honors and Awards

To recognize and commend the highest level of scholastic and co-scholastic excellence, we have established an honour system at the conclusion of each academic session. Grades earned in previous school years have no bearing on these awards.

The pedagogical skills, the assessment methodology and the analytical approach for imparting holistic education adopted by the school enables the teachers to monitor the progress of each child and students are recognized in the categories outlined below: 

Chairman’s Honour A high honour for the School Topper every academic session for Grade VI onward student who scores maximum percentage of marks
Principal’s Honour (Running Trophy) All Round Best House emerging from numerous Inter House sports and cultural competitions (meriting Certificates of Excellence) conducted during an academic  year
Scholar Trophy A recognition bestowed on students of Class I onwards for achieving academic excellence with a minimum 90% and above in all subjects
Best Citizen Honour A recognition extended to students who achieve citizenship excellence by following and promoting a positive attitude toward classmates, school, teachers and the community, displaying an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility, possessing strength of character and the courage to do what is right
Perfect Attendance Award A pride for students who have neither missed any day of school nor been unpunctual to class
Scholar Blazer A decoration to a student who earns the Scholar Trophy for three consecutive years
Citation For receiving Hundred Percent Attendance Certificate for three consecutive years
Citation & Scholarship For receiving Scholar Trophy for seven consecutive years
Principal’s Dinner To all honorees of the academic year

 Dear children, believe in yourself and all that you are. There is something inside you all that is greater than any obstacle. Acquaint yourselves with the promises that you all can be. Honour your highest potentials and be a part of the roll of honour.

“Virtue is the fount whence honour springs.”

-Christopher Marlowe