BSSSGS is delighted to have a lively, welcoming and well resourced school library which gives pupils and educators of the institution positive experiences of books. To make it work satisfactorily, all students must read and abide by these Library rules:

  • Use of the Library is restricted to current members of the school;
  • Readers are asked not to hold conversations in the reading room. Strict silence must be maintained in the library;
  • Books are issued for a loan period of seven days from day of issue. Books on loan may be renewed if they are not required by another reader;
  • Periodicals, reference books, DVD’s, Blu ray discs, and dictionaries are confined to the Library. Library staff may give permission to borrow these volumes very briefly;
  • All library borrowable materials must be returned to the Library before the commencement of vacations/ holidays that span more than 5 days;
  • An overdue charge of ` 5 per day shall be levied per day for failure to return books;
  • Borrowers who fail to return book(s) within 30 days of issuance of books shall be invoiced for the full cost of replacement of the book;
  • Readers should inform the library as soon as possible of any circumstances (such as illness or hardship) which might affect their use of the library and their ability to comply with the Regulations and Rules. The Librarian has discretion to grant special privileges on compassionate grounds;
  • Deliberately defacing or damaging a book, DVD, BRD, Library computers or any other library material is regarded as a serious offence; compelling disciplinary action.
  • Books borrowed by one reader must not be passed on to another and in all cases must be returned to the library and officially re-issued. A reader may not borrow books in anyone’s name but her own; and
  • Fines and/or suspension of Library privileges may be imposed if these rules are not followed.